3D世界经典童话 2

规格 | 200x200mm (60 页)

年龄 | 0~8

构成 | 故事书 (30本) 



通过生动的3D插图,呈现之前系列中以外的30个童话故事。 孩子们可以探索幻想世界并学习宝贵的人生经验。


                         Entertaining Start with Preview Animations

Preview the story with a short animation, making children want to read more. 

▲ Vol. 1 <The Elves and the Shoemaker>

▲ Vol. 29 <The Little Prince>

                             Grow Intellect & Soul with the Stories

End-of-book contains activities that help children gain background knowledge and grow their mind & values.

▲ Vol. 20 <The Fir Tree> 

Think about what’s important in your life by looking back at the story, and learn about other evergreen trees

▲ Vol. 27 <The Prince and the Pauper>

Think about why the author wrote the story, and learn about King Edward Ⅵ, who was the basis for the main character

Storybook (30 Vols.)

Supplement (2 Vols.)

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